sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012

Know what!!- 'Grow your own' mint, now add the rum

You only need a little space in your kitchen or balcony to follow the new trend: 'grow your own'
A cute idea is to have miniature grow-your-own herb pots in espresso cups. Sprinkle the base of each cup with a layer of small stones or gravel for drainage. If you’re using seeds, fill the cups with soil and plant a few seeds in each. Alternatively, buy ready-grown herbs and transplant them. Once the little plants flourish, move to mugs for extra growing space. Group together your herbs on your kitchen windowsill and you will have handy condiments for your menus. 

An ideal herb is mint, fresh, scented and cool. There are hundreds of varieties, like apple or chocolate mint, making it one of the most exciting herbs for culinary use. But SJs favourite use of mint is mojito!!

1⁄2 lemon and 1⁄2 lime, both chopped into small pieces
3 sprigs mint, plus one for decoration
2 teaspoons sugar syrup
Crushed ice
50ml good white rum
Place the chopped lemon and lime in a glass. Add 3 sprigs of mint and pour on the sugar syrup. Grind the ingredients together with a wooden pestle. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Add the rum. Stir. Decorate with the extra mint sprig.

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