domingo, 27 de enero de 2013

Get dressed! Sexy, trendy and pregnant

One of the biggest dilemas mums-to-be have to face is the "what should I wear" of an out of control growing belly. Not all brands offer a maternity line with trendy and sexy outfits. But SJ has found some you may find quite appealling inspired in celebrities who showed an amazing style while pregant.
- Eveyday look: inspired in Sienna Miller and her chic casual style.

1. Stripped top, HM maternity (19,95€)
2. Shopper bag with charms and studs, Blanco (25,99€)
3. Studded cowboy boots , Bershka (19,99€)
4. Jeans, HM maternity (39,95€)

- Lady look: Jessica Alba cannot live without her heels, not even pregnant. Not advisable for everyday use, one can wear them ocasionally though. If you are used to them, you can go for a pair of comfortable platform sandals combined with a nice belt. 

1. Floral dress, ASOS Maternity 
2. Brown platform sandals, Mango (69,99€)
3. Brown belt, Mango (4,50€)
4. Brown shopper bag, Mango (19,99€)

- Red carpet look:  in celebrations you can wear a glamurous look like Kardashian or Portman, or a transgressive one like Sienna Miller. Whatever your style is, the best dresses you can find are those by ASOS Maternity.

1. One-shouldered dress, ASOS Maternity (42,48€)
2. Greek inspiration dress, ASOS Maternity (60,68€)
3. Black maxi dress, ASOS Maternity (33,71€)

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