domingo, 27 de enero de 2013

Get dressed with HM new collection

"Sophisticated, modern and edgy - the new Spring looks are here!" that's their chant. Let's have a look at them...
- black and white with some leather details, just Jessica Alba's favourite 

1. leather vest HM (29,95€) 2. bleeding heart T-shirt HM (7,95€) 3.skull leggins HM (9,95€)

- dusty pink and peach will bloom in our closet this sping, just like Hart of Dixie's girls.

1. dusty pink shirt HM (19,95€) 2. Peach blazer (19,95€) 3. Light pink biker HM (39,95€)

- You just loved Carly Rae Jepsen's dress? Make yourself at home with these sweet floral outfits.

1. pencil shirt HM (29,95€) 2. bomber jacket (34,95€) 3. peach clutch HM (14,95€)

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