martes, 16 de abril de 2013

Get dressed!! White and radiant everyday

Struggling to dress in white? No, we are not talking about weddings but white total looks. Traditionally linked to the ideas of purity and joy, white is a perfect colour for summer clothes since it looks really well on our suntanned skin and gives us a sensation of freshness. Big designers know this, then they have chosen one of the typical Mediterranean colours for their 2013 Spring Summer collections.


It is not necessary to spend your holidays in Ibiza to dress in white. The key point is to mix textures and materials so that the outfit do not become plain. For tops, we strongly recommend fine silk blouses like the one by Massimo Dutti, you can wear them with capri pants or shorts. If you prefer skirts, they must be sporty-like, A-shaped and above your knees. At nights, you can always rely on a dress with pagoda sleeves and crochet body. Now, we leave you with some low cost ideas to fill your closet with summer joy.



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