jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Get your best!! Get fit without setting foot in the gym

We all know that doing exercise is really important for our health, but sometimes we do not have time, budget or good attitude to end up exhausted at the gym. Does this mean that we cannot practice any sport? Of course, it does not. In fact, every day there are more people who are inclined to activities easily practiced at home or in the outdoors as part of their training.  

Take note of our celebrities’ favorite activities and choose the ones you like most:  
It is known that Cameron Diaz feels more than passion for surfing but she does not forget swimming neither, especially during the shootings since swimming has less injury risk than any other sport.
Also on the water, but much calmed, Jennifer Aniston gets fun thanks to trendy paddle surf. 
If you are good at dancing, do not hesitate to join belly dance; it is perfect to strengthen the pelvis and you will learn how to move like Shakira.
Do you remember when you were a child and spent hours roller- skating? Then restart this activity as the Kardashian sisters do, and you could burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes while you are having a good time at the beach.
In order to tone up and strengthen their leg muscles, Heidi Klum y Miranda Kerr have no doubt: jogging.
With the arrival of warmer weather you can leave your travel pass at home go cycling to the work, like Naomi Watts; besides avoiding shoves at the bus, you will exercise both your superior and inferior parts of your body.
Reese Witherspoon prefers to train her body and mind at the same time, so yoga is really for her since it is a discipline which provides our body with flexibility and our mind with relaxation.
Just walking at a good pace for one hour is as beneficial as any other cardiovascular exercise, Olivia Wilde knows that and shares strolls with her dog Paco.
Another option to get fun while doing exercise is playing Frisbee, the Hart sisters improve their coordination and tone their arm and leg muscles up by playing Frisbee in their garden.





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